Meditation is a science, art and a spiritual practice. It is the mastery over ones mind and in yoga a state where the perception of separation is completely broken down and a state of oneness with god exists.

Choose one of these many
meditation techniques to
achieve a state of Yoga.

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Learn basic yoga meditation concepts and other useful tips that may enhance your path to illumination, freedom and bliss.

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Meditation by Mark Giubarelli

Beginner to meditation
How to start meditation and some simple challenges. 

Types Of Meditation

Meditation Breathing Techniques
Breathing techniques that may be helpful in meditation. Learn how to find calm breathing without inner conflict.

Empty Your Mind
When thoughts arise you can remove them by visualizing the element of air passing through the mind during inhalations.

Raja Yoga and Hatha Yoga
Techniques that merge aspects of Hatha such as breathing techniques, asana with meditation.

Chakra Meditation
Learn to focus on specific areas in the spiritual and energy bodies. "Focusing on the Heart enhances love."

Mantra Meditation
The use of repetitive prayers to calm the wandering mind. Learn how to find your mantra and the techniques of meditation according to Eknath Eswaran.

Isvara Pranidhanat - Surrender
This kind of meditation comes through the spiritual arts in many ways. It involves complete surrender to that which is the essence and source of life.

Balancing Inner And Outer light
This is a technique that is performed when inner illumination has been mastered. When consciousness is expanded to feel outer body light the 2 can be made equal resulting in the awareness of Yoga.

Inner Illumination
This is a techniques that involves meditating on inner light. Moving consciousness around the body and
mind to illuminate areas of darkness and places where life and prana are not present.

Expansion Of Light Meditation
The art of shining light beyond the perceived boundaries of the body. This meditation allows the aura to grow. In expanding consciousness apparent boundaries are broken down allowing Yoga to manifest.

Sound Meditation - The Sacred Syllable Aum
Learn Yoga Techniques with the use on Sound. Find out how to use the Aum sound to tune in to Union. Learn vital elements involved.


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